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With's content manatement tools, you can build and manage a visually appealing, content-rich Web site, even if you don't know any HTML.

Featuring Joomla! Central Management System


Every installation of the Joomla! CMS Framework includes an WYSIWYG Editor, a versatile database-driven content management system tool allowing you to design your webpage through your web browser.  Power, Performance, and simplicity in a single package. This powerful visual tool is fully integrated with the rest of our tools, making it easy for your team to design, build, and manage a complex Web site with a minimum of effort.Thousands of individuals, organizations, and companies around the world use CMS systems and API frameworks to easily manage Web content, including sites running into the hundreds or even thousands of pages. The graphical user interface makes Web site development a point-and-click experience. We'll help you design and build page templates that don't require any Web knowledge to use, so that anyone in your organization who can use software like Microsoft Word can quickly start building and editing structured Web pages.  Perfect for social networking and business sites alike.

Extensible with templates and modules!

Use the built-in page templates, download additional modules, plugins, templates, components, or set up your own extensions.  Using the templating system, you can control all aspects of your site's page layout via efficient, easy-to-manage templates, groups, and wrappers.  Dozens of functionality extension modules are available -- with just a few clicks, add photo gallery functionality, wiki pages, and much, much more. And a built-in simple scripting language helps you handle conditional content and versioning quickly and efficiently.  Use the database driven API to create your own blogs, forums, private messaging systems, photo galleries, games, and much more with our easy point and click interface. Select a Joomla CMS Web hosting plan and a Internet Services advocate will pre-install your CMS system ready for instant use!

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Use the WYSIWYG editor to build professional web pages without any complicated HTML/Flash/Java, or any other coding knowledge.


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